I’m fatiguing with the constant updates on my Macs. Now, I still am a believer that, “once you go Mac” but my patience is beginning to be stretched just a wee bit. The first time that I updated my iPhone 4 I was utterly devastated.IMG_5927

Not only was the functionality decreased in a massive way, but the new google maps was put on and it was NOT an upgrade. My mind is used to the north on a map being at the top. Full stop. If that is not something I can set in settings then it is forever not as good as it was before.

Anyone that has made the mistake of upgrading as soon as a new update is released has learned that this is how how they test them to find the problems. In other words, early adapters are the ones doing the spell check, as it were.

Then they added the screen that comes up frequently reminding you to upgrade, which you need to ignore until the initial problems are fixed. Now, they’ve added a log in screen so that they “catch” those that automatically just put their codes in. A way to get people to adopt earlier than they otherwise would have, even if it is by accident.

Unfortunately, they have failed to recognize that there are many people out there that don’t want to be in a constant state of learning how their phones work now. I also, don’t want the reminder screen to keep popping up and the fact that it is increasingly aggressive is not helping their case.

I have had one woman tell me it is why she didn’t go with an iPhone. I wonder if there are others? I’m sure finding it is annoying. Don’t even get me started on when I found out iPhoto had been removed from my desk top computer. Say goodbye to click and drag. It was just way too convenient.


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