Now, I think I’ll go watch some more Sherlock. I hope the woman is a common plot theme. It is too early to tell, but it is engaging. I especially like the face Sherlock makes when the intensity of his desire is almost too much for him to suppress and it comes off as calculated coolness.IMG_5930

I just reread the last part of what I wrote and almost started to cry. I am getting closer to pure authenticity all of the time. That, and the fact that I am trying to not suppress my emotions with food. All kinds of shit is coming up. I was listening to Jimmy Buffet while I sat in the pool smoking cigarettes and drinking ice water and reading my Oprah magazine. Multitasking, I like to call it.

A song came on “When the Coast is Clear“. It made me miss the rhythms of back to school for my girls. From 1992 to just recently, back to school was a build up that ended the summer. I miss those times in my life. I need to reorganize those wonderful memories in a way that makes me relive the joy of the memory rather than the pain of the loss.

All kinds of reminders. I blogged earlier songs from lost loves.

I think I’ll go watch Sherlock, now.


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