Fabulous day. A day of leisure, laying on my new floaty mat under a mainly sunny sky. 70 degrees. That’s where I napped today. Got a wee little burn on my face, much to the chagrin on my Aloe family. I apologized and thanked the plant for her branch and then lopped it off.



Cute story, when my daughter was harvesting aloe and chose the main, largest branch of the plant that was in the kitchen window. The idea is to cut off an inconspicuous or less visually appealing branch. That gives that branch the ultimate praise. To manifest its magic on my burnt face. I thank you for your service.

Perhaps a little over the top. But I do respect my plants. Sam, who fell down THE DAY I returned from Spain, is now healed and looks great. My money plant, which I am trying to entwine the main stems on, is doing well. Last year, it was dying. A toxic friend of mine lived here for a while. She would sit beside my money plant on the same blanket box that Lilly sits on.

She almost killed it. I thought it might be the reduced sun in the winter, but it did quite well this winter, so it was her. There is no doubt they are alive. Why do we assume they have no perception? I love my indoor plants. Outdoor plants, not so much. They are too much work. I only water my indoor plants monthly. Thats enough.

Swam a couple of times. Watched more Sherlock, which I am officially binge watching. I like the premise. He is an expert at perceiving his environment. I like it. He has tried to argue that knowing about gossip, which is every piece of news pretty well, gets in the way of paying attention to what is around you. It certainly simplifies things if all we have to deal with at any given moment is what is in front of us, right then.


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