I feel like a very thin layer of gauze has been removed from the surface of my life. There is a new smoother texture. My attempts to be authentic have opened a new appreciation. I have begun to revel in it. Superficially, it is all the same, I’m just enjoying it more. That is a good thing.IMG_6787

This whole new revelation is aligned with a sensation I perceive. It is not something that we describe often, so I don’t know how to word this. Coneiya (ko-NEY-yuh) is a knowing or perceiving that we are all interconnected. Our perception is limited to our knowledge of our world, but our existence goes beyond that.

We have chosen to experience this life. It is just one way to be part of the benevolent energy. Too heavy? As I become more and more of who I want to be, by dropping as many beliefs as possible about how that should look, I seem to connect with the force, if you will. Telling myself that I would write this blog, was a significant alignment with that energy and I can feel that I am increasingly in the flow.


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