Ride the Rapids

I have to mention, before I’m off to my Fritos, yes my stomach is grumbling…I’m in the flow. I can feel it. It is like being swept along. The luck is running with me. I’ve improved my working situation, which was something that happened for me, not by me. Also, my main webpage had its best day ever this week, substantially on the popularity of a single blog: 10 Ways to Discourage Narcissists from Dating You. IMG_6763

I take responsibility for doing the work on that blog. I think I did a good job. But I did that work over two years ago. Why am I benefitting again, now? The timing is just great and it illustrates flow so well.

When you grab a raft and just ride the rapids, you seem to be getting help from somewhere else. I like to call it the universe but let’s not quabble over names. You call it whatever you like.

I wanted to note that this occurred before I applied any of the tools from Hootsuite. I plan to do that as well. Everything is coming together. Even the weather is co-operating. I’m going out on the back deck. Be back soon.


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