My Voice

My computer screamed at me as I went by. I had promised I would write a little during my day. This was my first opportunity and I usually have a smoke and then write. I had already decided to go directly out onto the deck. My mobile speaker, my daughters bought me, Fritos and Pepsi. Yes, it is a sunny day and I’m going old school, except for my iPhone and bluetooth speakers.IMG_3319

Writing has become increasingly important to me since I began trying to speak in my own voice. I was trying to write the sentence you put on your twitter profile, or as the first sentence on your web. A sorta catch line if you will.

The conversation I would be having if there was someone here. Admittedly one sided, but I am speaking to myself. This is the voice in my head, when I’m thinking in words, which can be a distraction, so I’ve tried to minimize it as much as possible.

There is simply so much more information if you allow yourself to experience it instead of telling yourself what it means or what to call it. I seem to be getting off track here.

A soliloquy. Me explaining my understanding of the world, the way I experience it. It might be a little biased, but I’m trying to understand things by writing about them.


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