Three Gorges Dam

Meteor right? One of the explanations for the extinction of the dinosaurs, is a meteor. It created geological instability and threw off the climate. Ostensibly, there was this large mass that hit the earth and it changed the climate so fast that these large creatures were frozen where they stood.

I believe its possible that we ignored this knowledge at our own peril. Look at the Yangtze River and the Three Gorges Dam. Talk about geological instability. The first tsunami was the result of a shift in the tectonic plate this water was amassed upon.

Now we have the earth, slightly off of the centre that we are used to. All of the air currents and water movements are adjusting to their new relationship with the sun. It is causing turbulence and continued shifting of the tectonic plates.

My prediction is that this will continue until it adjusts to the new realities. Things will calm down, but the climate will be forever changed.

I gave up today and planned my morning centred around the dog. I made no plans to write and I only find myself writing now because she fell asleep beside me on the couch and has not bothered yet, to come and see what I am doing. I am going to make a coffee. That oughta wake her and I’ll have to go back to the family room to settle her down. No sense fighting it.


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