I have five minutes only. I have pork chops in the frying pan and a timer set. Things have shifted for the better again. I feel my self energized and diving into my days, both literally and figuratively. I have started the free Hootsuite course about media marketing and I’ve already discovered it is possible to add WordPress now and it is possible to do an entire mass marketing campaign on one spreadsheet. That would save me hours.


I always put more food on my plate than I can or want to eat. It is my way of listening to how I feel rather than relying on serving size; hence two pork chops.

So, my yard is coming together, the weather is getting warmer, things have improved at work and I’m energized by my two new projects. Oh, and Sophie was replaced with a back scratcher, with the word, “Alaska” on the handle. Infinitely more useful and actually sleeps right beside the bed. Good trade.

Dinner tonight is Ontario Asparagus with an old cheddar cheese and parmesan sauce and seared pork chops. I hope I remember to photograph it before I start eating! Beeep, literally, right then.

I had my dinner. I didn’t eat the full plate full. The first part of me handing my hunger over to my body, instead of my brain, was to learn when I was full. It was difficult. I specifically witnessed the fact that when stressed, I never got a full signal. That has not happened for a very long time.


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