Snow in the Pool

Sophie has switched to a low, mournful howl.

I tried another visualization of when a man would make my life better. Yesterday, when it was cold outside, but not unreasonable to use a pool that was already warm. I would’ve taken the time to turn on the heater and the sauna and go outside for a swim. I’ve done that for myself before, but it is much enhanced with someone.


There was NOT this much snow, but this is a nice photo, anyhow.

The mournful cry continues. I’m really losing it. She’s not going to let me write. I think I’ll go back up to my bedroom and ignore her. I don’t think one person can take care of this dog. She is too demanding. Its incredible.

She stopped for a while. I spent some time reading through the blogs of some of my followers. There are some pretty good writers out there. I waited until Sophie was no longer making any noise. I can’t write anything coherent with her barking.

OK, I get it, I don’t want a dog. Thanks for reminding me. She started to bark again.

It is snowing. I’m not kidding. There is enough snow that there is a white border on my driveway. It was just swimming weather two days ago. I guess this would be that climate change everyone is talking about. I’ve felt for months that the seasons would just not flip over, to the next. We usually get a few months of cold, cold weather with lots of snow. It didn’t happen this year.

Now, in contrast with how seasons used to come in gradually and then finally wax until the next season took over. Now we seem to have large amounts of time when the two types of seasons overlap in unprecedented ways.


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