Simple Joys

Wow! I have to interject here another thing that went well today. I decided to watch a movie. Typical weekend. My favourite thing to do is to write and flit around doing the other things that I enjoy and write a little more. This morning, I plan to continue to write. I am also going to watch a movie, drink wine, eat blue cheese and then nap.IMG_6756

Sounds lovely and decadent.

I have ribs and baked potatoes in the oven. They will require some prep when they are done, but they should be ready about half way through the movie. I’ll eat a large meal, finish the movie and then nap. Ahhh….

I planted some flowers in a cement planter on my porch. It is part of the automated watering system, so I’m done, I don’t have to worry about them anymore. I do hope though that I’m able to bring some of the blooms in. I broke off one by accident while planting it and it was lovely in the kitchen. An intense red. I had a small red pot and a glass container that assembled to produce a nice vase. It was pretty till it fell out and died. But I digress.


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