Crowe vs Gosling

So then I was watching the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, formerly of the Colbert Report and previous to that, on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He was interviewing Russell Crowe and I was astounded by how fat Russell Crowe was. I stopped and became aware that it changed my opinion of him. He seemed to have less authority. I felt sorry for him. He seemed pitiful.

The sketch went on. He was promoting a movie with Gosling. The idea was to play jokes on one another to sell the idea that they can have chemistry together, perhaps in their movie. It was so painful to watch I had to fast forward through it.

But how could they possibly get along when they both want the exact same thing? There is no way they could ever give it to one another, they’re divas. So how could they possibly tolerate being with the only other person in the room they never want to talk to?

But I am interested to know, was Russell fat in the movie or is this fake comedy road show forcing him to eat so that he won’t beat the shit out of Gosling? I may go and watch the segment again. I have it on PVR, as with everything I watch I want to be able to watch it on my own time, not by a set program.

I Love Rock and Roll“, is playing. I associate this song with an old boyfriend. That is two old boyfriend reminders in as many days. I wonder if my willingness to open that window to love is reminding me of the love I have had in my life and drawing in reminders? Strange this energy flow thing. Ironically, it was during this song I realized that I didn’t want to be with this particular man.


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