Lazy Susan

I had to get up and let Sophie in. The girls really harshing my buzz. This is two! two Fridays in a row she has been annoying. I just really don’t want to be at anybodies bark and call any more. She’s barking again.IMG_6727

I’m so glad I know I’ll have a photo to go with this story, so that helps dramatically explain my latest design. I’m still transforming my bedroom. Today I installed the lazy susan so that I can spin my t.v., and all its accessories, all the way around as one unit. Presented some challenges.

IMG_6732First, there was the dramatic contrast I was dealing with. All of the new stuff was black and shinny. Is there an “e” in there? Like a dime shines, but black. It sat upon a chest of drawers I inherited from my grandmother. So it is so mismatched it was incredible. But I found the perfect texture to make it all blend together. The rubber feet from wood furniture that used to sit on a wood floor. Worn out, but new material, to match with the shiny new material and the brown of the chest.

Dramatic style was added by wrapping two of the fuller cords around the base of the t.v. It took the chill off of the coolness of the shiny black. Just a schooch of texture, near the neck. Assuming that is that the t.v. screen was the head. But you knew that didn’t you?

Incorporating the Bell receiver presented some problems as well. There wasn’t quite enough room for it to sit anywhere so it had to be incorporated into the stack. Balance was a major design hurdle. I didn’t want the t.v. rocking, you know, just in case there was that much movement in the room. It had to be sturdy, I planned to turn the thing around.


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