Black Out

The coincidence of the blackout, first time I asked for something, turns out many, many people were asking for the same thing. Clear night, low light from the city, to best view the closest Mars would be in our lifetimes, which happened to overlap with the annual meteor shower. It’s a great event, I like to host a party. Nothing quite as fun as drinking on the back deck watching for shooting stars and a bunch of old women ooohhing and auughhing when they see one, but I digress.IMG_6001

I remember walking the dog and looking up at the sky and wishing I could see it without all the background light.

Yes, it is the weekend, I can break out new gum. Just a sec. I’ll be right back.

Note to self. Put the gum in a separate bag. There is a big difference between craving chocolate and just knowing I have some on hand. I don’t want to remind myself, I want to remember and look for it. Just cause.

I asked to see the sky, without the lights, with my heart. I remember that moment when I looked at the sky and wished I could see it truly dark at night. It was one of those flashes of connection. My guard was down. I was feeling gratitude for my surroundings and wished for more.

Then it happened. More than that, it happened on the best night to see the night’s sky clearly without light pollution.

It was as if all those souls, the people who loved to look up at the sky, felt the same way and the wish resonated until it manifested. Truth is, it happened. Who’s to say why or how?


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