I wanted to simply be able to reduce the light that shone on me at night. I guess light is my theme for this evening. I hate all of those stupid lights that are now on the fronts of all of the electronic equipment. Problem is, if you cover them up it greatly reduces the efficiency of your remote. Believe me, I’ve tried this already.

So the entire stand can be turned, lights and all, to face directly away from my bed directly reducing how much they light up the room.


T.V. facing the wall. Don’t those wires look nice?

Which meant, I would be looking at it from every angle. No sense designing something to be turned around and at the back there is a tangle of wires.

I couldn’t pass up a $3.00 chicken, so I have one on the barbecue, and I must admit I bought fresh thyme. It was $1.79 on sale for 50% off, add in another 90 cents. I’ll dry the leftover thyme and add it to the jar, so the entire 90 cents won’t go to waste. I also bought a half priced sliced pound of white mushrooms. Essentially, it is all ready to eat once that tiny little chicken is cooked. Last I looked it was starting to brown, but no where near done.

I’ll be back in a few minutes.


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