Now I’ve eaten most of the Hershey Kisses. I grabbed another ten in one exact handful and I ate the first of those. I think I’ll go watch some more Grace and Frankie.

IMGP6058I am uncomfortable. I am not relaxed. I had to think about taking deep breaths. Having a dog whine at me is not helping. My daughter was right, she; the dog that is, not the daughter, is too needy. I guess it seems like they all are. But they are not. They are not all needy. That can’t be the reason to keep everyone away, just the needy ones.

Fear that I would take him back. He just announced he is getting a divorce. Kill me now. That would never happen. knock on wood.

I am frightened. It is raining lightly outside and there are a bunch of surveyors, like a club with a lot of younger men. Walking around the neighbourhood with the tool used to measure a distance outside. The rain just picked up a bit. It is noticeably louder.

Sophie just wandered in. She is not demanding attention. Perhaps she is figuring this out. When I sit in here, I want to be left alone. She went into the other room. Now she is back whining. I shut the door.


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