Since I appear to be admitting all of my faults, and even though this is not genuinely a fault, being a “Trekkie” has some connotations, I’ll just let you know, up front that I own the complete set of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager and my favourite, TNG, The Next Generation.IMG_4461

In addition to that, I also read many of the Star Trek books when they used to come out regularly as paperbacks. My local library discarded them as quickly as any other long running series and I was unable to read the earlier ones, but I did recognize that I could see the structure of Klingon language. Bat’leth from battle, Targ from rat. It’s not rocket science.

Sophie is barking now, but I have her crated. I am not able to meet her needs and be in line with my own priorities. I do take comfort in the fact that on a normal day for her she spends working hours crated. This is why I don’t want a dog. After raising my daughters, I believe it is my turn to put myself first and having a dog is not consistent with that objective. I may have to watch television upstairs instead of in the family room.

I thought that I was going to be able to delve into things that are at the core of who I am and instead I’ve been pulled into this drama surrounding having a guest dog and trying to honour my own needs. She finally stopped barking. Now I’m scared to leave the office for fear of upsetting her again. I simply cannot meet her needs and my needs right now.


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