The man I was talking to on the Camino was trying to decide whether it was worth the wait, or whether he would continue the walk. He stayed and I did not. He told me that he was not going to stay. He changed his mind after I walked on. He did catch up with me later, because I stopped by a very old bridge to regroup and take some photographs. We walked together all day, which included him picking me berries that he knew were edible and me finding an Albergue with a pool.IMG_0059

Again, I’m only capturing this anecdote because it flashed into my mind earlier. I’ll have to reread it all and see if there is a connection, but for now, I’m going to have another kiss and then a smoke.

One of my teachers is Martha Beck. She recommends changing something in your surroundings as a way to move through things you want in your life. Cleaning up and removing junk from your life, is the most popular example of this. I just realized the symbolism of my new treadmill. I mentioned earlier that it had to go into a new place because where the other one was was too small.

Now I realize that I’ve opened up the “guest” side of the bed. Before the new treadmill, anyone that wanted to get into the bed from the opposite side that I get in would have to climb over the treadmill. When they arrived, there was no bedside table or lamp because there simply wasn’t room for one.

Now that space is open and I think I was to get bedside tables and perhaps a vanity for that space. Doing my nails and makeup would be nicer if I had a place to sit and do them. Funny how that happened as I was thinking about the possibility of a lover.


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