Native English

I got out ten Hershey’s Kisses. If that isn’t a stress response, I don’t know what is. I have only had one, so far, but I intend to eat the rest. For reasons I don’t fully understand I just had a clear memory of a conversation I had in Spain. It was notable because it was with an American teacher. This is significant because English is both of our first languages. This is often not the case with people in Spain, obviously.IMG_6701

So I was standing at a “corner” on the Camino. I had just left the city of S… something, I can’t remember, but I promise to look it up. It is significant because it is 100 km from Santiago, the destination. The minimum required to get a compostela. It means that some bureaucratic decision was made that if it took you at least a week to walk the portion of the Camino (100/7 =

I was waiting for the calculator to load and I had another Hershey’s Kiss. Very nice.

14.285714287571429, let’s say 15 km per day. So that is not a lot. Some of the seasoned walkers do 40 per day and some average walkers do 20. So a novice, that is only going to walk for 7 days could average 15. I guess they would do way more the first day and possibly the second and then have to recover from muscle soreness and blisters and then average 11 or so the remaining five days. Sounds about average.

But I digress. For reasons that I’m unaware as I was talking about something above I suddenly remembered standing at this intersection speaking to a man. Let me explain how lovely it is, when you’ve been in a foreign land, with a foreign language, to stumble upon a native English speaker. We spoke about a castle or museum that was going to open in less than an hour.


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