Fear of Death

Everything is part of the same thing. However you want to define it. We are in connection with each other, the planets and the sun. It is the vastness that makes it so difficult to conceptualize. We are here to witness a brief moment in an infinite amount of time and space. When I think of the greater meaning of all of this, I don’t think it is to avoid my own death at all costs. The literal cost is to waste my time here worrying about an inevitability that which I cannot even understand. I believe we are here to experience this life fully.IMG_0276

Part of the experience I want to include is smoking. Some of my fondest memories are having cigarettes with my daughters, wrapped in comforters so that it would be warm enough to stand outback on the deck long enough. That smooth feeling when everyone is focused on lighting their smoke. We have all come together to relax, reflect on life and just enjoy being together. The common habit of smoking creating these moments.

Our focus on health and safety has become a religion. The religion of death avoidance. We will all live forever, if we just increase safety more. This belief system has created oxymorons, or contradictions, like “preventable death” and “Do you want to die?” as if there is a choice.

We know the pendulum has swung too far because we are so busy protecting our children they are no longer allowed to freely explore their worlds alone outside like we all did. For fear of death, we are taking away some of the best experiences. Wow! I guess I’m on a rant. I should stop that.

I think I’ll go watch some more Netflix. I feel like becoming one with the couch.


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