Being Outside

Wow. It was pretty rough writing that last entry. I actually feel tired. The muscles of my deltoids and chest are all tense and tired. I think I’ll go and have a smoke.

It is glorious out. The sun is warming a cool IMGP0526morning and there is a light pattern of cloud cover making the sky interesting to look at. There are buds on most of the trees now and the song birds are out in full force. I’m so glad I’m a smoker. If I wasn’t, I would’ve missed that.

So I ask you. When was the last time you sat outside in the morning? You see, I know that it is politically incorrect to admit to smoking, but when I look around me, I don’t see people that are happy. There are a gazillion rules about what you shouldn’t do and it looks like we just don’t enjoy ourselves very much. I recognize that I wouldn’t make the effort to go outside if I didn’t smoke.

I love being outside. It is where I feel the most connection to the interconnectedness. The sky, the gardens, the birds. We are all made up of the same thing. Intellectually, we know that the actual matter in an atom is a very, very small percentage of the size of the atom. Yet, we perceive things as solid. Our brains were designed specifically to organize the information we got from these surroundings as solid. When we know they are not.


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