Sophie is now standing in the doorway whining at me and I think I’ll treat this like a work day. I would be very close to putting her into her crate soon so that I could go to work. If she can’t settle on her own, I’ll put her into her crate so I can write for a while.IMG_6685

I still have my drapes closed. It is nice to know if I get lost in thought no one will wonder why I’m sleeping at my desk. Not that I’ve ever fallen asleep here, but sometimes, I write better with my eyes closed. It adds another element to the writing. Instead of just using my visual cortex to look at the words as they appear, I can use it to see what I’m talking about so that I can describe it better in words. But I digress.

I put Sophie into her crate, with her treat. She is a lovely companion. Sweet, a cuddler and a gentle soul. It is nice to have another personality around. Then all of the walls go up:

1. It can’t increase my work
2. It can’t interfere with my priorities as Sophie is doing right now.

Well, not at this moment, she is crated, but she has reduced the amount that I wrote this weekend considerably. I also overate. I once again was meeting someone else’s needs instead of my own. Finding myself in a situation that required me to self-sooth with food. To be fair, I’m not bingeing on crap. I have a huge amount of delicious preprepared meals. But you can overeat those as well.


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