Sausage Shaped

Sophie is moaning now in a sorrowful bark. She doesn’t seem to settle on her own. Again, I want to express my gratitude for her reminding me of why I don’t want a dog. After I filled out an application at the Humane Society but well before there was a dog offering.IMG_6673

I had to go talk to Sophie. I don’t know what she is upset about, but she won’t stop barking. It freaked me out a bit. She seemed really distressed. She’s eating. The food was there before she started barking. I’m confused.

It is interesting to have such an odd shaped dog in the house. I have never had a basset hound and their shape is unique. She is almost sausage shaped with very short little legs and rumply, ping pong paddles for ears. It is a very dramatic look, but she can pull it off.

Walking is also a unique event. She insists walking faster than I can and then jutting sideways and possibly backwards when she picks up a scent and then she must investigate.

There was a thought. A thought that proceeded the sadness that washed over me. Yes, the company is nice but how much extra work am I willing to do to have some affection in my life? Not very much I’m afraid.


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