Missing a Mate

Sophie went outback. I think that has become our walk compromise. She can wander and get lost in the smells for quite some time back there. So I can write.

I was thinking again about why I enjoy writing so much and it is pretty much a circular argument of the writing makes me feel good so I write. It is possible that it is the lack of an intimate friendship. I have a few close friends but I don’t see them very often. Families and cities and jobs. We all have them. I am still working on the concept that it might be time to consider a romantic partner. That sounded awfully cold.

But it is my mind, at this point, keeping me from pursuing this. I have a thought at the base of that and I don’t know what it is. I believe something false, because I know the right answer is not to be alone. Look outside, even the birds are in pairs. Many species mate for life. The thing we all have in common is that it is in our natures to want a mate. That’s the bit we’re missing in ourselves.

One moment, I have to go let Sophie in.


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