There, now where were we? When, 36:08. The dog and the cat have settled and they weren’t even part of the hero’s saga I was trying to create by thinking about my day. Not an overly productive day. Well, let me explain.

IMG_6668Burning rubber. I could definitely smell burning rubber. The source was obvious. I had been on my treadmill for over an hour and that is the longest I’ve used it for quite a while. It was no longer working properly. I also was noticing a slight hesitation under my right foot, randomly and rarely and I still wasn’t a hundred percent certain that my knee wasn’t slightly locking when I wasn’t paying attention to how I walked. Anyway, I replaced it, the treadmill, not the knee.

I am in the middle of a renaissance. I haven’t done much major decorating for years and I am finding that I am updating many things at once. My new wine corker is to die for.

You simply hold the bottle in one hand and lower the cylinder head over the cork. There is a button that you hold and the cork screw goes in on its own and you just hold still until the cork is out of the device. Or rather, when the cork first comes out of the bottle, you have to push the top of the long button to reverse its direction so the cork falls off. Very smooth.

As I was saying, if I wanted to continue to be able to use a treadmill, I was going to have to buy a new one. The one I have is 19 years old. In the first house it sat proudly behind the sofa in the family room. Perfectly visible so I could go get a coffee and watch it from three different vantage points, depending on my mood. Yes. I put it there so I could watch him run. Fantastic, usually.


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