Master Bedroom Revisited

So, the guys show up with the new treadmill and it won’t sit where the old one was. Now I have a dilemma. I have a ninety degree angle between the two places where I want to be able to see the t.v. from.

Where my treadmill used to sit. Dirty socks and all.

Where my treadmill used to sit. Dirty socks and all.

This is the industry standard reason for having wall mounts that swivel. Problem was, I had to move the DVD player and Bell receiver to the direction of the remotes as well.

I pictured a pivoting stand about the same size as the base. Which, by the way is the same size as the player beneath it. It makes you wonder if they weren’t designed to work together. Possibly. But no one seemed to have foretold the possibility that someone would want to sit the t.v. on its base and still be able to pivot.

I looked a little on line, and it looks like there are some models out there. But it gave me the opportunity to have conversations with sales guys. My favourite thing is when a sales guy tries to “sell” something that he did. The idea is to see what your reaction might be. If you are a positive person he can try the line [that you responded with] on his wife when he gets home. I provided the guy with nothing. He bought a huge chunk of meat because individual steaks were too expensive, so he paid twice as much for a huge amount. He’d have to come up with his own reasoning for his wife. I’d personally be pissed.


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