How Loud Is It?

The other guys were at Powerline. They are by and far the best place to shop for this type of thing. You can tell when you walk in there that these guys like each other. They have a successful shop based on meeting your t.v. and stereo needs. These are the guys that walked me through a terrible stereo incident.IMG_6681

One of the things I had to replace when I got my new place was a stereo. I had bought the receiver from these guys and I called during the initial stages of separation from my X. This receiver was quite complicated for me. There were zones and multiple functions and there were a few things that had to be programmed in before they would work properly.

Anyhow, I called in desperation because I couldn’t get sound to come out at all. The manual had been translated into English and some of the words were ambiguous and did not fully explain what you needed to do. A very kind and patient man walked me through the entire process of setting up my stereo, over the phone. This is not quite as arduous as it may sound initially because I had just done this. Much of what he said was me checking to make sure it was the way I thought it was. I already knew how to change the settings.

Finally, after going through all of this, he gently said, “what is the volume set at?” I turned the setting up to find that I had the sound turned all of the way down and that is why it wasn’t working. These guys are so nice I never ever got the feeling anyone knew about that. But I can’t for the life of me not see how humorous that would be to tell as a story.

So I told her to turn up the volume and that fixed it. OMG.


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