To Eat or To Bed

I can emphasize with her fully. I know how it feels to be overtired and knowing that if you are going to stay up you are going to have to stimulate yourself. Eating works. She didn’t know to put herself to bed and instead demanded stimulation from me which resulted in me confining her to her crate. Wow that seemed like a long sentence. I had to come up for air.IMG_5729

I was right. I haven’t heard a peep out of her. I knew she must sleep all day confined and sleeping is what she most likely did in that situation. I guess she wasn’t ready to relax unless she was forced to.

So today had all the elements of an epic journey. The hero, defeat, and I don’t know how it ends. Unlike images we have of the past where people walked long distances just to complete their work for the day. Now, we just jump in a car. But is it any less “real” than what they were facing? Are we any more likely to die or have something unexpected happen? Isn’t that truly the elements that make up our lives, the shared understanding of love, chance and loss.

So waiting until my favourite stereo and television store, Powerline, is open. Lilly is here. She realized that Sophie was not going to bother her and so she decided to rule the office. She cam t [retemd tjat

Realizing that I was not typing properly, I stopped and petted Lilly for a while. Now my entire face has cat hair on it. It is all up and down my front. Give me a second to deal with that, I’ll be back in a second. I promise.


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