A Woman’s Woman is Published

I have touched the reality beyond the curtain a couple of times since and writing, frankly, in my own words seems to bring with it a sense of being on track. Of taking the right turn, or left one, if it had been correct. But whatever. Writing about it is how I’ll come to understand why I feel so good when I write.

IMG_6653I have to note that the writing of this piece overlaps temporally with the publication of “A Woman’s Woman” and I’m receiving blings every time someone starts to follow me or “likes” the piece. Thanks for the support. It ‘buoyancies’ me. I know that’s not a word.

Also, thanks for the synchronicity. It is lovely to authentically write while something is happening and receiving so much positive feed back.

Well, my stomach is past gurgling. It went straight through to a growl, gurgle combination. I have a delicious meal of rice, Greek Salad and Spanakopita. I whipped that up for dinner easily because all of the pieces had been created earlier. Bon Appetite.

I’m watching “Sleeping With Other People”. It affirms (Lilly is meowing, surprisingly)54

The 54 was Lilly’s contribution to the composition. I begin, again. It affirms one of my strongly held beliefs. I can’t give away what that is because it would be a spoiler. There is also a cute, or I guess not so cute, phrase, “Sexual Anorexic”. A phrase I had never heard before but, unfortunately, could be at the core of my overeating bit.


2 thoughts on “A Woman’s Woman is Published

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  2. Pingback: Cerșind ultima secundă – Begging for the last second | look around!

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