At one point today I was literally surrounded by Subarus. You can’t make this stuff up. I first noticed that three of the cars travelling in the same group on a three line highway were identical. Then I realized there were a few more of those in different colours and suddenly I recognized that I had checked every car and they were all Subarus. Its a mystery at this point. I’ll let you know if I figure out what was going on.

Another, nice coincidence. This particular example feeds into the notion that worry is wasted and that you should relax into the moment. Enjoy right now, don’t worry about what is or might be going to go wrong in the future. So, driving along the highway with my daughter and I noticed that the cars the other direction have begun to slow down. Now they are seriously backing up.

They are on the side of the highway that I’ll need to have clear on my way home. I came up with a plan. If the highway is blocked I know how to get home north of this highway. I let it go and went back to enjoying the drive, the wind, the sunshine and having my daughter and her music in the car. I decided to assume it was clear and head home.

I’ll cut to the chase. The drive home was perfect, but there did seem to be an inordinate number of police out. One guy with radar was standing on an overpass and there was a team of cars following up from those results.

But, more importantly, like a reward for not wasting the drive up worrying about the drive home, there was a brand new electronic sign, just after I got back on the highway giving the minutes to my home town. I knew the road was open without looking it up or worrying about it.


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