Thanks for Great Feedback

I’m riding the wave of my new blog. Thanks for all of the great feedback. At this point, I’m averaging 100% if you compare the number of visitors to the number of likes. The one extra visitor was me and I don’t even think I can like my own stuff. Not that I’ve ever tried. Really.

IMG_6488The other day I found out that all of my emails accounts had been hacked. They had simultaneously been accessed by an unknown user. I spent a long time changing passwords and the like. It was at least a couple of days later that I realized it was me. I had used a browser that I never use and the tracking is specific right down to the browser.

So, yes, I’m sitting here waiting for a stomach growl. Less than 800 today and a substantial amount of that was take out coffees and espresso. Not a high nutrient day for sure. But, no stomach growl as of yet.

I have a left over bowl of fettuccine with shrimp, red peppers and mushrooms done in a chicken broth, cayenne and parmesan sauce. A frequent meal of mine. Sometimes I’ll even go the extra step and put fresh parsley on it. So, when I get hungry I have food on hand.

But, for now, I’m going to have a smoke.


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