Wedding Dress

Bridal boutique today. Grandma, ma, sister and bridesmaids. Great time. At the moment she emerged in the dress, she later bought, I broke into tears. Just mild, instantaneous watering of the eyes, at first. My daughter could tell from where she was standing and asked, “Are you crying?” IMG_6592My denial shattered when she came over and threw her arms around me. We both sobbed for a moment and stayed together a while, sharing the perfection that was that moment.

There was no question that the dress was perfect. It is now upstairs. Tradition has it that it is bad luck for the groom to see the dress ahead of time, so I’m hiding it here.

Also, it was an opportunity to get out on the open highway with my lid down. Still too cool for windows down as well, but no less glorious, enhanced simply by rarity as of late. No better sauce than hunger.

Which brings me to food. I had to force myself to write that. As the words formed in my mind a great wall of resistance came up. You can’t write that. You never even speak about it. But it is true. I have been trying to find that perfect balance between eating and hunger. Maximize the experience while minimizing the likelihood that you will eat too much because you are over hungry. More elusive than you would imagine.


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