11’s are My Thing

My timer said: 2:10:53:90 which is an eleven. Stick with me here. 2 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 9 = 2 which is eleven. 2+1=3 3+5=8 8+3= 11 = 1+1=2 Wow, that’s confusing trying to explain. Let’s just say that it is and leave it like that.IMG_6541

I went to a fabulous gallery today. I fell immediately in love with a print on a large frame that would match my bedroom perfectly. These pieces are on display in a woman’s home, which, BTW was also gorgeous and set back off of the road surrounded by trees.

I walked into the kitchen at exactly 5:11. I know this get repetitive, but when you realize the frequency, you get an idea how crazy it is.

I am craving beef. When there were more people in the house, it made sense to make a roast. Now, with just me it seems less reasonable. Fortunately, I decided that if I had enough time and energy to make a meal for the entire family, I should make the same effort for myself. So I do.


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