Well, a vast majority of all smokers end up going on anti-depressents instead. So we’ve substituted margarine. No drug is without side effects, unfortunately the best way to do long term studies on their side effects is to sell them and see what happens. We all saw the hormone supplementation stories.

Beautiful waterfall taken on a visit to my daughter in BC. Has nothing to do with smoking.

Beautiful waterfall taken on a visit to my daughter in BC. Has nothing to do with smoking.

So we glibly enter into a scientific experiment. Yes, I get it, Smoking is bad for you. So why do the French who smoke more than any other group live longer than Canadians? Huh, maybe it is because they have learned to relax, enjoy life and savour the moment more.

Guess what. They stop and have a smoke. They smoke in cafes and the first time I went they were smoking inside buildings. Everyone smokes. We forgot about the social aspect of smoking. The leading cause of death in men my age is suicide. So, the anti-smoking laws are having their effect. They are reducing the number of deaths by smoking by increasing suicides.

Well done. For those who don’t believe me look around. Where did the Bingo Halls go? What about bowling alleys? The Legions, as well, are all having trouble. The one in town moved into a building about a quarter of the size and even they rent it to others.

But I digress. When I think of all of the possible answers to the question. What is the purpose of my life? I know for sure, the answer is not to delay my death. Something that I truly have no control over. So, that said, I’m going to sit on my balcony, enjoy some fresh air. I may see some neighbours, birds, cats or dogs and I’ll enjoy the feeling of nicotine washing over my body.


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