ABC Already Been Chewed

I do like to chew flavourless gum. It is not something I know where to buy, so I buy gum made with real gum and regular sugar. To the disgust of many of my acquaintances, I have a dish that I put the ABC into so that I can reuse it. I know from experience that if I chew fresh gum, I more often IMG_6643than not just keep opening fresh pieces to get the sugar again. Not my idea of ideal. Anyhoo, it is satisfying my urge to chew. Chewing for its own sake. I get it.

Dress fitting tomorrow. My daughter is getting married, and as I’ve mentioned there are too many daughters to keep track of so lets just call them all daughters. You know what I mean. Otherwise, I’d have to keep reminding every one who was whom, yuck.

Anywho, I’m going to have a smoke. Yes, I smoke. I am not a closet smoker, too hard on the clothes. But I rarely smoke anywhere other than at home, so most people don’t know I smoke or likely ever bothered to think about it.

I didn’t start until I was an adult. I figured anything that controversial must be enjoyable. It is. My prediction is that smoking is going to become the next butter. We spent years suffering through margarines instead of enjoying real food, only to find out, shocker! the real food is better for you.


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