A Woman’s Woman

So I watched a bit of Episodes, which is streaming on Netflix. One of my favourites.

The drapes being closed puts a whole different look in the room. There is a large bay window, so there is plenty of sunlight. The drapes cover that so the effect is dramatic. In that theme they are my favourite burgundy with gold and green splashed on them in the shape of flowers.

So, Saturday afternoon, several things off of my to do list, nice meal and now I am going to watch a movie. I got two from the library.

I’m watching the movie I got at the library and it is a bunch of bad guys and good guys and computer shit. I must explain that I don’t read what a movie is about because it gives too much away for me. I’ve never recovered from knowing ET lives, so sue me.

Anyhow, bad guy stuff and then the movie announces that a woman will explain what is going on. Then they zoom in on my dream life. Gorgeous make-up, upswept hair, just in my colour. Large, marble bathtub filled with bubbles. A woman’s woman. Topped off every so nicely when someone, named Benjamin, refills her champagne. I hung on every word she said.

She had those drawn in eyebrows. Not the fine line from my generation, a thick caterpillar type of brow that is mainly created by drawing the shape on with and eyebrow pencil. Now it is not as hideous as I’m making it sound. These are nice looking brows, I just had to refuse when my daughter said she would draw them on me. It is just not my style, thanx.


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