Leftover Lasagna

The drive was nice today. I had my phone hooked up to the audio system in the car. Adele on the way there and my favourites on the way back. My favourites were compiled in 2009, coming up on seven years ago. They were the songs that had staying power and some were quite old by then.

I made a CD so I had music I liked without having to put on the radio. I still like those songs and I don’t play the CD enough to get sick of it.

I’m falling in love with Shazam. I never followed music or movies for that matter. There are few stars I can name and fewer movies. So I get out Shazam and find out the name of music I like, I love it. I feel like I’ve won some sort of prize when fewer and 1000 people have Shazamed it. It is like music so few people have heard. Some of it is wonderful. 264 is the lowest so far. Broadway, Lee KonitzIMG_6532. The YouTube video has less than 100!

I shazamed  a piano piece during a Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode and I believe only a few people had done that before as well.

An actual growl. I’m eating up the left over lasagna from the dinner I had with my daughter. There are too many daughters to keep straight, so lets just say, my daughter. Romero’s is currently my favourite restaurant, and largely because it makes lasagna like I got in restaurants when I was young. Love that.

So I knew my white, Italian bread loving daughter would enjoy some of the meal at least. That is the bread that is white and Italian, not the daughter.


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