Eye Candy

Today, on a lark, I found myself in the same plaza as a chocolate factory outlet. Esta I think. I was running late and was worried about how long I’d been away, but I had to go in. It was a cute little shop showcasing several different types of chocolates and truffles, some done up fancy in little clean plastic type thingys and some in large glass bowls.

You know you’ve pictured a large, clear, round, glass bowl with an opening on the top smaller than the diameter, filled with candy. Like that.

IMG_6544The man, likely hired as eye candy, just to add to the appeal of coming into the store, came out and explained the different items on display. As I’ve discussed with my daughters, but the original reference is Will and Grace, coffee with a little cream. Grace mentions this when she tries to picture a baby with Will’s boss.

I had a difficult decision to make. Buy the pretty prepackaged assortment or grab a plastic bag and choose which ones to try. He explained that the individual truffles were cheaper and so I faced the final dilemma, which ones should I try? As I was taking one out of each container, he continued to explain that the ones on the table contained ice wine. So, of course, I had to try both of those as well.

Because of the alcohol in the chocolates he asked for ID, which I could’ve gotten out, just in case. I let him know that I have daughters older than drinking age. Maybe it wasn’t my age he wanted to see on my ID?


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