Go With the Flow

Estimators have been coming to my home. None of them have offered quite what I want so I’m casting the net broadly. I had one appointment for 1 p.m. I was reluctant to leave the office

The Doors Id Like to Replace

The Doors Id Like to Replace

for very long, so he was going to call me ten minutes before he’d be at my house and I could meet him there.

Relaxing, I knew I wanted to go do groceries at lunch. There were several logical arguments against that, including the fact that I had a man coming sometime between 1 and 2. Having to go out twice might not appear all that great.

Anyhow, as I was putting away the groceries, he called and said he would be right there, a full twenty minutes before his appointment. Excellent. Thanks. I’m glad I didn’t let myself talk me out of it. It sounds small, but it just makes life easier. The flow is like that.


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