I forgot to mention the two small black birds, the ones that actually have blue heads, but you can’t tell unless the light is reflecting a certain way. These birds came and landed in the tree to the left of my balcony. The one flew away and the other stayed there and called out a few times before flying away.

Everything feels like a sign some days. Truth is, I only know when I’m in the flow when coincidences jump out at me. Like happening to walk by the hair spray –purse size– right after wishing I had some hair spray I could take with me places.IMG_6535

You have to buy that stuff when you’ve asked for it and it appears in your view, just saying.

Lilly is meowing which she often does when I sit down in the office to write. Possibly, she considers this her sitting room, which overlooks the garden and its’ rabbits and birds and the occasional deer.

Yes, one morning I looked up and there was a deer standing on my front lawn watching me at my computer. Perhaps he had an email to send and was wondering if I could help him with it. But who’s to say. He left.

Synchronicities, that’s what I wanted to talk about. The more you revel in them the more there are. Positively correlated. I started to write about my coincidences, that is the first line of my first blog, immediately and I realized there were more to tell.


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