For me, it is important to find a way of living that I can sustain. I know, from experience that I can buckle down and lose the weight, but I have always regained. I notice, and feel sorry for, the people in my life that have temporarily lost weight only to gain it all back.

No. Done. Not doing that. Like today, despite my losses of the last week and a half, I am having a drink and some cheese. I’m not willing to give that up, so let’s see if we can continue to see weight loss while incorporating these items into the way I indulge.

Not bad.

IMG_2864Also, I am on Day 11 of a streak. So, for you new initiates, 11 is my number. By numerology, I’m actually a two, but I read and resonated with the recognition that twos are sometimes 11s. We have a different vibration. But it is just so apropos.

I thought earlier about how it feels to be burning on black coffee and cigarettes. The feeling of being over hungry and only ingesting those two things. It has a feeling all its own.

The song on the radio was Iris,  “I just want you to know who I am”. I danced through it, again, apropos.

I’ve dreamt up an entire concept for a website. Generic, with attachments to other blogs. Syllicoquays, that can’t be spelled right. 300 words but a slice of my rants. My thought process, my connection to the now and my insights into nothing. Welcome to part of my dream.


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