750 km

I think I might’ve hit on something here. This is what I want. Uncensored me. I’m going to be myself and if that sells, all the better. Then my coaching can follow that.

But, right now, my stomach is hurting so much I need to eat. It hasn’t actually growled yet, but the last time it did I had a small macintosh apple and that didn’t even quell the hunger.IMG_6530

So, I may be past hunger, awaiting the next wave of suggestion from my body. Wine and cheese would leave me at 1300. I could wait, theoretically for the next grumble after that.

So now I feel like the universe is just fucking with me. I’m watching a fabulous movie, “She’s funny that way” which seems so apropos.

Then I look down and my Misfit updates. I’ve gone 750 km since Sept 1 when I first got my pedometer. I went about 700 km in six weeks in Spain, according to my golden iPhone six plus with 128 gb, just saying. So I managed to do in 8 months what I did in six weeks, as well as swim and work full time.

It has resulted in substantial weight loss, but truthfully, I do not know my starting weight. Some days, when I’m being particularly hard on myself, I decide that I was at a very high weight. On kinder days, I reduce my starting weight, but the truth is, I really don’t know.

The pain when I stand up is gone and despite the angle of the toilet I can take care of everything. That is my first hurrah. That is what I’ve improved in my life so far.


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